Welcome to the Invertebrate Market!

You need more invertebrates!! I do too! As I have searched for new species for my collection, I have found it challenging to find the sellers who have what I'm looking for (even if they have websites and facebook pages) because they are all spread out. My hope for this site is that it brings us all together so that newbies to the hobby can begin their collections and those who have "too many" can find more that we "don't need". You can post websites/fb pages and email addresses/phone numbers on here with your listings as well. Just register with your name and email and post your inverts and supplies!

It's FREE to buy or sell here. If you see a listing you like, use the seller's contact info/website/fb page to order directly from them. Simple! I have comments turned on for listings. Please be kind in the comments! I will turn them off or moderate them if it becomes a problem but I'd love to have a friendly community of invert-nuts here! Please contact the seller directly through their contact info to purchase. The comments are for discussion, not conducting business. :)

Thank you for joining and have fun adding to your collection!

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